Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you caught Barry Bonds' Record Breaking homerun ball? An Auction House in Dallas, Texas has offered $1,000,000 to the person who catches it-- But lets say.. Um a little low dont ya think? Maybe not. But I think we will see bids much much higher than that. Think about it.. Barry Bonds is easily the most talked about, most controversial player in our era. Not to mention the feats he has accomplished, and the numbers he has posted every season since starting. He is history. I wonder if he will buy the ball himself?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Are you Happy with Dice-K?

After tonight's complete game victory at Fenway Park, it seems the debate over whether or not Dice-K is meeting his expectations. Over the course of the past week, there has been numerous blog posts on Sox Blogs, such as It seems Red Sox Nation is fairly happy with his performace thus far, and understand he needs time to ADJUST. As one blogger put it:

Give the guy time, he'll be fine. This is dramatic culture shock for the guy. I know they keep saying he's used to the limelight but this is much different than anything he's used to. The Japanese limelight consists of educated, humble applause from knowledgable, dignified audiences. Try to imagine what it's like for Dice-K being dropped into the middle this decrepit fish bowl (Fenway) we call a stadium with 20,000 drooling incoherent drunks screaming at him--in a foreign language no less. If nothing else it's going to take some time to adjust to the buffoonery of the fans, never mind the upgrade in opposition.
Give the man some time! Geesh!

-Posted by spspangler6, on 4/29/07, "On the Front Burner"

Simply put, whoever the hell you are. Although Dice-K has been decent so far this season, I was expecting a little more. But I understand that he needs time to adjust to the crazy atmosphere of Boston. From what I remember, Dice-K making the move to Boston was the media show of the the century.
Regardless of anything, it was a great win tonight for the Sox!!

(Photo: AP)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Close call for Beckett, Sox.. Other MLB News

-It was a close call for Beckett & the Sox today at Fenway, with Boston scoring 6 runs in the 9th to win the game 6-5 on an error by Kevin Millar.

-An Auction House located in Dallas, Texas has offered $1MIL to the person who catches Barry Bonds' 756th homerun.

-Roger Clemens will pitch in a Class-A game Friday night in Tampa

-Sidney Ponson was released by the Minnesota Twins. Ponson, 30, was 2-5 this year with a 6.93 ERA.

(Photo Credit: AP, May 13th, 2007)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tight Game Turns Ugly for Orioles, Red Sox Win 13-4

The Sox had a wild one today at Fenway, blasting the Orioles 13-4 in a cool afternoon at the ball park. Curt Schilling had a decent outing, but could have been much, much better. He allowed 4 runs and nine hits over 5 1/3 innings. Today's outing was the shortest appearance this season for Schilling. Boston has continued to pound the ball all over the ball park this season, giving it's pitching rotation major breathing room virtually every game. Kevin Youkilis singled in the go-ahead run in the sixth to score Jason Varitek and give Boston a breather during the tight game. The run support thus far has been phenomenal. The Sox are 18-0 this year when they have scored 5+ runs.

More on the game here

Also from around the league, what an article written by ESPN's Buster Olney. Although I have had biased opinions on steroid use by major leaguers, Olney seems to hit the issue right on the head. Read the article here
Photo credit to Winslow Townson/AP

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mike Lowell AKA George Clooney

Well after watching Lowell on televison after the game tonite, I have come to the conclusion that Mike Lowell has a funny resemblance to George Clooney. Pointless to say, but its true..

On to more serious things, Lowell's performance is worth talking about. I have read many posts that have indicated they would be happy to see Lowell and Tavarez go for Mark Teixiera. Lowell homered for the third consecutive night, and is hitting .303 on the season so far, and has played solid defense. Lowell is a good fit for the Sox, and hopefully he can keep it up

Papelbon Shows Support for Bonds

Jonathon Papelbon, on Fox Sport's "Freindly Scoop" was asked what he thought about Barry Bonds' eventual passing of Hank Aaron on the All-Time Home Run list:

“Yeah definitely,” said Papelbon. “He’s doing it for baseball. And I think it’s good for baseball. And I think that he’s going out there and crushing home runs and getting baseball back to where it was in the late 1990s and such that......"

Not quite sure what he means about "Back in the late 1990s" but Papelbon also expressed confidence in the Sox pitching, saying that they dont need Clemens, with Lester coming back will be huge for the Rotation.

Read the full news story from

Quote of the Week

"The Yankees signed 44-year-old Roger Clemens. Not to be outdone, the Red Sox have started to thaw out Ted Williams."
-- David Letterman

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Is Ricky Henderson Coming Back?

What the hell is this I hear about the man himself, Ricky Henderson, attempting to make a comeback to the majors? At 48 years old,most clubs say they "just dont have a spot open" to add him to a roster. I think thats plain bull. And for good reason- Henderson is OBVIOUSLY an established ball player, being the career leader in runs scored (2,295), stolen bases (1,406) and is only second behind Barry Bonds in walks with 2,190. To add to the list, Henderson has 3,055 career hits, 297 home runs, won the 1990 AL MVP award and made 10 All-Star games. He won an AL Gold Glove in 1981 as an outfielder with the A's.
Can you say nasty? I know it was a while ago, the game has changed since then, but I think Henderson can hang with Julio Franco.


"I mean, he admitted that he used steroids," "I mean, there's no gray area. He admitted to cheating on his wife, cheating on his taxes and cheating on the game, so I think the reaction around the league, the game, being what it is, in the case of what people think.

I'm pretty surprised about this comment. But, like he said, everyone has their bad days. If he was in his right frame of mind he wouldn't have said that.
Or would he of?

Bonds' Belts # 745 - Baseball Recap

Barry Bonds is now 10 homeruns away from becoming the Homerun King of Baseball. Foreget the Steroid Scandal, history is being made. There is nothing better than this. Sure he sucks for juicin, but so did everyone else. Give the man respect when its due. He's been smashing them outta the park since day one. Greatest player of all time.

Glavine, Mets overcome Bonds' HR

A-Rod connects for No. 15 as Yanks roll over Rangers

Beckett puts struggling Jays away for league-leading 7th win


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Beckett Proving his Game

Josh Beckett got all the run supported he needed tonite, with Dustin Pedroia, Mike Lowell, Kevin Youkilis, and Jason Varitek belting homeruns to give Boston a 9-2 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. What a difference this year has been for Beckett, who improves his record to 7-0, compared to last year, when he allowed a career high 36 homeruns last year. Theres a good reason why he's pitching this way, and its because of the run support. When Beckett is on the hill, The Sox have now scored 50 runs,for an average of 9.64 runs per nine innings that is the second-highest in the majors behind the 9.84 afforded Dontrelle Willis of the Florida Marlins. If the Sox can continue this, than Josh Beckett will be the front runner for Cy Young by the All Star Break.

Clemens nervous about the shape he's in

The slob is back on the hill, and says that his throwing arm feels good, however he is skeptical about his shape, according to What kind of desperation can the Yanks been feeling when they took the chance on this goon? Sure hes one of the best thats ever pitched the game...And my opinion on the subject has obviously changed, because it sickens me everytime I hear about it (see below post on Clemens' return). However he's what-45 yr old or something like that, and now hes been summonsed to save the Yankees from the embarassment of a last place finish this year. Wake up and smell the coffee, Steinbrenner. All of your guys are washed up, Pavano and Messina are useless, and Clemens must weigh atleast 275. What a waste of $28 Million, you idiot.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Mayweather wins Title..But was is it really worth it?

So Mayweather is finally the champ. But was it really worth the $50 bucks? I was hoping and predicting De La Hoya to win the fight, I was a bit disapointed to see De La Hoya missing so many punches. Mayweather completly overpowered him in this category, 207 punches compared to De La Hoya's 122. It's fair to say that Mayweather won the fight fair and square. Now let's wait and see if he really retires. When the money is shown, expect a rematch between them.

Encore, encore
Encore, encore
By Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

Race and the Bonds Chase has just released a poll that indicates the racial issues surrounding the Bonds' homerun chase are pretty staggering. But who cares.. I'm white, and I want Bonds to break the record just as bad as anyone, I think its time to give the man a break. He has been crushing homeruns since day one, and his other numbers are incredible. By far the best player in my era. Steroids or not, when Bonds crushes that record breaking homerun, Baseball will have a new feel, a new homerun king, and Baseball may be changed forever. The controversies will still arise, however in the end, Bonds may be a bronze statue at the hall. And why not? Who knows how many hall of famers have used steroids, in my opinion, its part of the game. In order to play 160+ games per season, you need to be some sort of physical maniac. That's just what Bonds is, hes over 40 and crushing 450 foot homeruns into the Cove in San Fran. As you can see, im pro Bonds, but for good reason. Start recognizing the feat he is about to accomplish instead of dwelling on the past.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Clemens Gives in to Yankees' Desperation

Well, we all knew it was coming. Clemens is now a Yankee. But how much better can this move really make the Yankees? After all, They have done pretty close to nothing this season, and the Red Sox have proven in the past that they can knock him around the ball park (remember in 2003 when he was booed off the mound).
Either way you put it, its a good move by the Boss and the Yankees can be ok if Hughes gets tough.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Big Papi and Wakefield Handle Twins, 2-0

David Ortiz blasted an upper deck homerun and Tim Wakefield pitched 7 scoreless innings as the Red Sox went on to beat the Twins 2-0, in Minneapolis. The win puts the Sox 6 1/2 games ahead in the American League East, with the Yankees falling to a 12-15 record and last place in the A.L East. The Sox hope to become Baseball's first team to reach 20 wins when they take on the Twins tomorrow.

Wakefield torments Twins as BoSox pad division lead

Buffalo Shocks Rangers, 2-1

The Sabres are now a single win away from the Eastern Conference Finals, thanks to Maxim Afinogenov's power play goal 4:39 into overtime to send the Sabres flying high over the Rangers. See full story here: Buffalo 2, NY Rangers 1, OT

Yankees score some runs, but cant get by Mariners

The Yankees simply cannot win. Atleast right now they can't. Last year, we saw the same scenario, with the Red Sox raking in wins left and right and the Yankees downright suckin'. However, this year may be different. The Yankees have serious pitching problems with Pavano on the shelf, and although A-Rod is on fire, Jeter hasn't been so clutch, like we saw tonite. Prediction: Sox win A.L East, but its STILL close with the Yanks. It's a long season people.

David Ortiz and Brian Urlacher Commercial for Vitamin Water

Watch David Ortiz and Brian Urlacher win the badminton title when Ortiz crushes the shufflecock into his opponents leg!! Hilarious

Thursday, May 3, 2007

De La Hoya V.S Mayweather!! May 5th

They say this may be the largest non-heavyweight purse in the history of boxing, De La Hoya VS Mayweather, May 5th, MGM Grand in Vegas. Lately, I've been watching the show 24/7 on HBO that gives viewers an awesome look at how De La Hoya and Mayweather are training and preparing for this fight. Alot of people think Mayweather will take the win, however I disagree. Just about every win Mayweather has had already went through De Lay Hoya and LOST. Thats not taking anything away from Mayweather though. He's quick, mean and is a very good boxer. However, he may be under estimating his opponent. Be sure to tune into this one, its gonna be a fight to remember for sure.

Red Sox Squeek By Mariners

Manny Ramirez hit a homerun to put the Red Sox on top 8-7 ending the slugger's worst April of his career, and Brandon Donnelly got the win for the Sox (18-9). Red Sox starter Daisuke Matsuzaka struck out just one batter in five innings as he struggled with his control for the second consecutive game.

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Patriots QB Caught Wearing Yankees Hat

The Star QB for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, was caught in New York wearing a Yankees hat while he strolled the streets with his girlfreind. Honestly, I know it REALLY isnt a big deal, but it kinda makes me sick to see this. First of all, he lives in New England, in the heart of Red Sox Nation, and is an idiot for wearing the hat, whether he was in New York or not. Secondly, Brady must know that he will gain more publicity, more press, and more photos in tabloids if he does this. So why not?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Laugh Factory

David Chappelle seriously tore it up at the Laugh Factory back on April 19th. He performed for 6 hours, which is 10 hours shy of the world record. And while on the Chappelle topic, it is definately worth noting that he dropped the infamous N-Bomb a whopping 110 times, which cost the comedian nearly $2,500.

Get rich quick schemes

Here's another thing.. These funny ass get rich quick schemes. What a joke right? I mean, is there really anyone who owns a yacht, Ferrari, and a mansion all from working online? I will have admit, I fell for this scheme not once, but TWICE. The first time, I invested 50 bucks into this site that ended up sending me an email saying that "we have moved to another company" so I was out the 50. Second time was even worse, I think. I signed up for one of those Survey sites.. I stayed up until 4am for two weeks straight filling out freakin' surveys. Bad move for a few reasons. One, after the first week I had only made like 5 bucks, and two, I never even received the 5 dollars like I was supposed to. Can you say IDIOT?