Monday, May 7, 2007

Race and the Bonds Chase has just released a poll that indicates the racial issues surrounding the Bonds' homerun chase are pretty staggering. But who cares.. I'm white, and I want Bonds to break the record just as bad as anyone, I think its time to give the man a break. He has been crushing homeruns since day one, and his other numbers are incredible. By far the best player in my era. Steroids or not, when Bonds crushes that record breaking homerun, Baseball will have a new feel, a new homerun king, and Baseball may be changed forever. The controversies will still arise, however in the end, Bonds may be a bronze statue at the hall. And why not? Who knows how many hall of famers have used steroids, in my opinion, its part of the game. In order to play 160+ games per season, you need to be some sort of physical maniac. That's just what Bonds is, hes over 40 and crushing 450 foot homeruns into the Cove in San Fran. As you can see, im pro Bonds, but for good reason. Start recognizing the feat he is about to accomplish instead of dwelling on the past.

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