Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Clemens nervous about the shape he's in

The slob is back on the hill, and says that his throwing arm feels good, however he is skeptical about his shape, according to What kind of desperation can the Yanks been feeling when they took the chance on this goon? Sure hes one of the best thats ever pitched the game...And my opinion on the subject has obviously changed, because it sickens me everytime I hear about it (see below post on Clemens' return). However he's what-45 yr old or something like that, and now hes been summonsed to save the Yankees from the embarassment of a last place finish this year. Wake up and smell the coffee, Steinbrenner. All of your guys are washed up, Pavano and Messina are useless, and Clemens must weigh atleast 275. What a waste of $28 Million, you idiot.