Monday, May 14, 2007

Are you Happy with Dice-K?

After tonight's complete game victory at Fenway Park, it seems the debate over whether or not Dice-K is meeting his expectations. Over the course of the past week, there has been numerous blog posts on Sox Blogs, such as It seems Red Sox Nation is fairly happy with his performace thus far, and understand he needs time to ADJUST. As one blogger put it:

Give the guy time, he'll be fine. This is dramatic culture shock for the guy. I know they keep saying he's used to the limelight but this is much different than anything he's used to. The Japanese limelight consists of educated, humble applause from knowledgable, dignified audiences. Try to imagine what it's like for Dice-K being dropped into the middle this decrepit fish bowl (Fenway) we call a stadium with 20,000 drooling incoherent drunks screaming at him--in a foreign language no less. If nothing else it's going to take some time to adjust to the buffoonery of the fans, never mind the upgrade in opposition.
Give the man some time! Geesh!

-Posted by spspangler6, on 4/29/07, "On the Front Burner"

Simply put, whoever the hell you are. Although Dice-K has been decent so far this season, I was expecting a little more. But I understand that he needs time to adjust to the crazy atmosphere of Boston. From what I remember, Dice-K making the move to Boston was the media show of the the century.
Regardless of anything, it was a great win tonight for the Sox!!

(Photo: AP)


Dave said...

Dice-K has a lot of potential, but it must be a big adjustment for him to come here from Japan and assimilate into US Culture. I thought his first outing left something to be desired, but give the guy time and once he gets into the swing of thing I'm sure he'll be well worth the Sox acquisition. Plus, it adds diversity to the league and gives us fans something to talk about.

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