Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bonds' Belts # 745 - Baseball Recap

Barry Bonds is now 10 homeruns away from becoming the Homerun King of Baseball. Foreget the Steroid Scandal, history is being made. There is nothing better than this. Sure he sucks for juicin, but so did everyone else. Give the man respect when its due. He's been smashing them outta the park since day one. Greatest player of all time.

Glavine, Mets overcome Bonds' HR

A-Rod connects for No. 15 as Yanks roll over Rangers

Beckett puts struggling Jays away for league-leading 7th win


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Anonymous said...

Not everyone juiced ... not even close. Greatest player of all time?? What a joke ... he could have been, but "greatest" includes a lot more than statistics. He'll be ignored by more than will praise him.